11 of Your Most Awkward Sugaring Questions... Answered!!


Whether this is your first time with any form of hair removal, or you are a hair removal veteran; it’s understandable that there are some serious questions every client would like answered! Here is our list of the most awkward questions that we’ve been asked, (so that you don’t have to)!

  1. “How badly does it hurt?”

This is the one question that runs through everybody’s mind when deciding what body part to remove hair from. Doesn’t matter if you’re just doing your brows, or getting a full on Brazilian; before you strip down, it's totally normal to want to know what you’ve just gotten yourself into. The great thing about sugaring is that it is far more gentle than waxing. We like to explain it like scotch tape. Vs. duct tape! Sugaring is more like putting a piece of scotch tape on your arm and tearing it off. It may hurt a bit, but it’s safe to say that the pain will subsite within a few moments. Try the same thing with a piece of duct tape? You’ll be in pain for the next few hours! The pain of sugaring is instant, but goes away almost as quickly as your sugarist flicks the sugar off of your skin. You may feel a bit of tenderness for the rest of the day, but you won’t be walking around with red and raw skin around your bits.

  1. “Who’s a bigger wimp when getting a brazilian; guys or girls?”

We like to say, “different bits, same results.” Your level of sensitivity depends on you, and it varies from one person to the next. Girls may be more sensitive on the pubic mound area, guys may be more sensitive around the shaft; it all depends on you and your pain threshold!

  1. “Can I get sugared when I have my period?”

Absolutely! Many women think that they can’t get sugared when they are on their period, but as long as you are comfortable wearing a tampon during the service; getting your monthly visit from Aunt Flo doesn’t effect your sugarist’s ability to remove your hair whatsoever. Many women do find that they may have some extra sensitivity during their period week, so some like to schedule around it. But if you are determined to be hair free and your appointment happens to fall on shark week; no sweat! It's not something that any of our sugarists haven’t seen before! We are a shop run by all women, after all!

  1. I haven’t done this in a while, my hair is really long. Should I trim my hair before coming in?

We like to tell our client’s that it is better to come in with really long hair, than with hair that is too short for us to do a full service. Though I’m sure we all feel confident enough to trim our lady or man parts with an electric razor; sometimes things just happen (like your hand slips, or you trip on the bathroom rug… no?... just us?) Sometimes you end up with a jagged, un-even shave. It is way easier for you to just sit back, and let us take care of it! Plus, its free!

  1. “What positions will I be in, while getting my treatment?”

Without question; the most nerve racking part of the Brazilian experience is hearing your sugarist say “Alright, let's do between the cheeks.” “.....uhh you mean like… my butt crack?” Yes, we do mean your butt crack. But it’s not what you think!

First of all, when getting a Brazilian service, you ALWAYS have the choice to decline the “between the cheeks” portion of the service. We want you as a client to always feel as respected, heard and understood as possible. We also want you to know what that part of the service entails, so that if you do want the hair removed from between the cheeks, you know what to expect. You should NEVER be asked to lay on your tummy, and NEVER should be asked to get on all fours for this part of the service. We understand that one’s backside is a very vulnerable place, and we want our clients to feel as comfortable and respected as possible. You should only ever be asked to lay on your side to remove the hair from between the cheeks.

  1. “Does removing hair from my backside hurt more than the front?”

Many people automatically assume that removing hair between the cheeks will be far more painful than any other sugaring service that you could ever think of. But it is in fact, quite the contrary. What many people do not know, is that the hair between the cheeks is much less dense than the hair on the pubic mound, so the hair comes out quicker, easier, and far less painful!

  1. “Does my vagina look normal?”

The answer to this question is always “Yes” and here’s why. Every body is different, just like every snowflake is different, every vagina is different! Shapes, colors, lengths, every woman’s vagina is different. To be completely honest; we don’t believe that there should be a “normal” for vaginas, or for anything really! Mainstream beauty in the media has already been telling us what is “normal” and “beautiful” for far too long! Let us have our lady parts, and let us love them whatever shape, color, and size that they are!

** Art created by Jamie McCartney called "The Great Wall of Vagina", that showcases exactly how we feel. Check out the rest of his work at http://www.greatwallofvagina.co.uk/home

  1. “What happens if I get an erection?”

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Getting an erection during your service neither helps nor hurts the sugarist doing your service. Their job is to safely and effectively remove the hair from a very sensitive and vulnerable region on both men and women. Many men worry that they will “accidentally” become hard during the service. This is a totally normal fear, as well as a normal bodily reaction. But it is also NOT something that you should be doing on purpose. Our sugarists are professional aestheticians. They are trained to do their job, and do it well. If they feel that you are disrespecting them, and the work that they are doing by getting the service for inappropriate reasons, you will not be able to book an appointment with us again.

  1. “Sometimes I get tiny bumps or ingrown hairs after my appointment, what’s up with that?”

Sometimes clients can get what is called a histamine response. Histamine response is a mild inflammatory response to the extraction of the hair. It typically subsides within a few minutes to a day- it all depends on your physiology. Occasionally, little white bumps can form, which are just white blood cells rushing to the scene of disruption on the skin’s surface and getting trapped in the follicles (i.e. hair follicles that have just been extracted.) You can lessen a histamine reaction by using a cold compress, or as some clients have found, using an over the counter antihistamine, which can be helpful! Some people also get ingrown hairs which are very common in the hair removal world. Ingrown hairs are caused by follicles that get clogged with dead skin cells, causing the hair growing inside of it to grow inwards on itself, rather up and out like an unplugged follicle. The best way to avoid these little buggers is to exfoliate and moisturize!

  1. “What is ‘Exfoliating?’ and why should I moisturize?”

Exfoliating is the best way to get the best out of your sugaring service. The medical definition of “Exfoliate” is “to remove the surface of.” Exfoliating with a mitt or a sugar scrub helps slough off any extra dead skin cells that build up on our skin. This results in smoother skin and less ingrown hairs! Just like Exfoliating, moisturizing is as equally important to the results of your hair removal! Moisturizing helps heal and protect the skin from the harsh environment of everyday life. Did you know that sun, wind, and sweat all dehydrate the skin? Moisturizing helps restore its moisture barrier; but also helps reduce wrinkles, acne, dry skin, ingrown hairs and redness!

  1. “I made my appointment after the gym, should I go home and shower first?”

We understand that sometimes you have to fit your sugaring appointment in between the gym and grocery shopping, or maybe you were running late that morning, and didn’t have time to take a shower! We totally get it; life can get crazy. This is why we provide baby wipes in every room! They are there for a reason; so please use them! It makes a big difference for you and for your sugarist to freshen up a bit!