Tips For The Best Hair Removal Experience


We wanted to share a few sweet tips to help make your hair removal experience a piece of cake! Whether this is your first time with hair removal, or you are a returning veteran; the thought of getting hair removed from any part of the body is not a pleasant one. Luckily, we know all of the tips and tricks to make your experience a positive one. 

The key to successful hair removal is consistency, exfoliation & hydration: Improving the condition of your skin will positively improve the results of hair removal.

What to consider before booking an appointment:


Do I have at least two weeks of hair growth? 

  • What a lot of people don’t realize is that sugar needs a longer length of hair to grab onto. Though sugaring will pick up those tiny little vellus hairs (like the hairs on your cheeks.) If this is your first time getting hair removal after shaving; this is the point when the hairs are most resistant. You may find a bit of stubbly short hairs following your first sugaring. This is due to the stages of hair growth.

Hair has 3 different growth cycles. On your very first visit the sugar will remove the first, second and part of the third cycles. Once you return to get sugared 2-3 times the sugar will be able to remove all 3 hair growth cycles at the same time! The key is consistency!


Do I exfoliate and moisturize the area? 

If we could shout this golden rule from the mountain tops; we would! EXFOLIATE AND MOISTURIZE! Especially if you are regularly getting hair removal treatments. Those two extra steps will make all the difference for the service itself and the longevity of your hair free and bump free skin! 

  • What happens when you don’t exfoliate and moisturize is that many follicles get clogged with dry dead skin cells. When the follicle is clogged, the new hair growth can’t get through to the surface; causing ingrown hairs! Ouch! 

  • Exfoliating 2-3 times a week and moisturizing daily will help by significantly lower the chance of getting any pesky ingrown hairs. Well moisturized skin will also make your hairs come out far easier, for the smoothest of skin! 


Am I on any medication that may cause problems while sugaring?  

  • Some types of medication such as a blood thinner, a retinoid crème and some prescription acne medications (such as Accutane, Sotret, Claravis, Retin – A, Differin or Tazorac) may be contraindications. Many of these medications thin the skin, and can cause bruising and lifting of the skin while sugaring. This sort of thing isn’t fun for either the technician or the client. 

  • Unfortunately we do not sugar anyone that has been consistently taking any of these types of medications for the client’s sake as well as our own as a business. Not to worry; this doesn’t mean that you’ll never have smooth hair free skin! 

  • We just ask that you have stopped using this medication for 3 months. In some cases, it may be safe to sugar if you have been taking the medication in the same dosage amount for the last 6 weeks or more. In this instance, a test patch is needed to ensure that the sugar will not cause damage to your skin.


Any Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at or 206-632-3602