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  • Why the price range for our sugaring services? Let us explain.
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Why the price range for our sugaring services? Let us explain.

At The Sweet Spot, we take our reputation as the best sugaring studio in Seattle VERY seriously! So our training regimen is rigorous. Our owner, Lara, is a master of the craft with more than 18 years of sugaring experience, and she personally trains every esthetician to ensure safety, consistency, and the best possible client service. 

That said, our team is made up of everyone from new trainees to those who’ve been on the job for decades, and our price range reflects that varying level of experience. 

  • Our expert estheticians are masters in the art of sugaring, with five-plus years of experience. 

  • Our mid-level estheticians are highly skilled, with slightly less experience than the experts.

  • Our junior estheticians are newer to sugaring (though, because of our training regime, have a higher expertise level than those at other studios).

  • Our estheticians-in-training are learning on the job! If you'd like to help them master their craft (with Lara’s expert supervision, of course), we’ll hook you up with the affordable trainee rate. 

“I have been going to The Sweet Spot for over 10 years. I have found it to be wonderful experience. The staff are professional and well trained and very, very friendly. Have never been disappointed.” —Christoper M.

Know your preference? Have some questions? Just let us know when you’re booking! And no matter which esthetician you choose, know that your skin will be in incredible hands. 

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