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Treating Ingrown Hairs With Sugaring

Ingrown Hairs Treatment From The Sweet Spot Sugaring Studio in Seattle

What is an Ingrown Hair?

Ingrown hairs are an uncomfortable but common annoyance many of us have experienced. If a hair is unable to grow through the follicle from blockage, friction or dry skin, it may grow beneath the dermis or curl back into the skin instead of rising up through it. You may notice the ingrown hair as a red sensitive bump similar to a pimple; including discomfort, inflammation and sometimes infection This is often caused by shaving, improper hair removal technique or dead skin cell buildup.

Identifying the Type of Ingrown Hairs:

There are a few different types of ingrown hairs; each has a different direction of growth and appearance.

Superficial Ingrown: The hair runs parallel and just under the skin. Looks similar to a sliver.

Friction Ingrown: The hair grows out of the follicle and turns back in to the follicle. It may also appear as a superficial hair.

Spiral Ingrown: The hair is unable to rise out of the follicle and turns back into it and continue to grows around and around in the follicle.

Traveling Ingrown: The hair is unable to grow out of the follicle and travels under the skin. It may or may not find another way out.


Regular exfoliation and moisturizing is the key to healthy skin. Healthy skin smoothly guides the hair in the right direction of growth with an easy exit through the follicle, therefore avoiding ingrown hairs. To prevent ingrown hairs, reconsider your hair removal method; sugaring is a great and beneficial alternative. This ancient Egyptian hair removal method extracts the entire hair from the follicle along with the build in the direction of growth; no breakage! This mixture of sugar, water and lemon juice, creates a caramel like consistency that is only able to attach to hair, and dead skin cells; exposing freshly exfoliated hair free skin. Make sure to use an exfoliating scrub or mitt, at least twice weekly to remove dead skin to clear a path for hair to grow. Avoid using loofas, brushes or towels for exfoliation as they are great breeding grounds for bacteria.


If an ingrown hair appears, it may require extraction. Avoid picking or squeezing; this will cause more irritation, inflammation, bruising and possible scarring. Always rely on your professional for extractions as sterile instruments and proper removal will offer relief, and a safe solution rather than making it worse. A great go-to product we are forever in love with is Fur’s Ingrown Concentrate Spot Solution; a natural and effective preventative and treatment- you can find it here, at our studio! For the time being, we suggest a hot compress and gentle exfoliation until you are able to come see your favorite sugarist at The Sweet Spot for assistance.


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