Brazilian Bikini Waxing

Waxing can already be a scary experience, but throw in the idea of a Brazilian Bikini wax? Most people may think it’s a terrifying idea. At The Sweet Spot Sugaring Studio in Seattle, WA, we make Brazilian Bikini waxing an easy and gentle experience, because of the technique known as sugaring. Sugaring is an all-natural technique that is much less painful than standard waxing for many reasons, and makes experiences like a Brazilian wax nothing to fear.

What is sugaring?

brazilian wax

Sugaring is a hair removal technique that is sometimes compared to waxing, although it is actually a very different experience. Sugaring is all natural and doesn’t use chemicals, but instead uses all natural ingredients. The paste used for sugaring is naturally sticky, so it sticks to the hairs, but doesn’t really stick to the skin, which means that the hairs are removed from the follicle and the skin doesn’t get pulled along with it. Because of that, sugaring ends in less irritation and it won’t damage the skin.

Unlike wax, the sugar paste is applied at body temperature, which prevents the possibility of burns and helps make the experience more comfortable.

Our esthetician’s are highly trained in Men’s and Women’s Brazilians so you can rest assured you’ll be receiving the best experience in Seattle.

Why is sugaring the best choice for Brazilian Bikini Waxes?

Since sugaring is an all-natural technique, and it is easier on sensitive skin, it’s perfect for sensitive areas of the body. Instead of shaving and ending up with razor bumps and ingrown hairs, sugaring takes care of all unruly hairs and leaves your skin completely bare and smooth. Also unlike waxing, sugaring won’t irritate such a sensitive body area. Since there are no chemicals or fragrances, sugaring doesn’t irritate the skin and any residue is easily removed with water.

Sugaring is definitely a better option than shaving, since with shaving, hair grows back fairly quickly and may leave bumps and irritation, and you may miss hairs with shaving. With sugaring, hair removal lasts much longer. To reduce the overall growth over time, it’s recommended to come back in for maintenance within four weeks.

Try sugaring for a Brazilian Bikini wax!

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