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The Best Lash Extensions in Seattle
What a difference a lash makes! Whether you’re going for glamour or simply want to wake up wide-eyed every day, the right set of lash extensions will make you wonder: How did I ever live without this?
What makes The Sweet Spot the best eyelash extensions Seattle has to offer?
Our Eye Mapping Consultation
The perfect set of lashes starts with a consultation. Our expert eyelash extension artists take the time to assess your eye shape, face shape, and lifestyle to determine the most flattering and functional lash look for you, whether you want to:
  • Create the illusion of larger, more open eyes
  • Make eyes look more symmetrical
  • Lift corners for a dramatic cat-eye look
Our Hand-Made Fans
Every eye is different, and every set of lashes should be, too!  We’re one of the only eyelash extension studios in Seattle to use custom lashes for each client—rather than pre-made. What’s the difference? Pre-made fans are a one-size-fits-all option that (you guessed it) don’t quite fit anyone perfectly. Often, the base of pre-made lashes is thick, stiff, and heavy, which reduces the longevity of your lashes and can damage your natural lash. (And often looks fake, to boot.)
Handmade fans, on the other hand, are carefully crafted by the lash artist on the spot, ensuring the correct thickness, curl, and length. They’ll never be too long or heavy for your natural lash, and with proper care, they’ll last longer. The process takes a bit longer than it does with pre-made lashes, but the result is WELL worth it.
Our Lash Extension Experts
“Before seeing Bre, I had been getting my lashes done for over a year by another lash technician and over time my lashes kept clumping together… which made me want to search for new options. At my consultation, Bre explained that my lashes were still healthy, however the extensions were being glued too far up which was creating the clumping and inconsistent fall out. Her knowledge and confidence convinced me to make the switch and start seeing her for lash extensions.  
At my first appointment, she went over the style and shape of lashes I was hoping to get and explained what she thought would look best with my eye shape. I love the full volume style. She individually fans every extension out and throughout the appointment goes over to make sure every healthy natural lash has an extension. Since seeing Bre, my lashes are now fuller and healthier than ever before. I highly recommend booking your lashes with her!"
—Adrienne R. 
Eyelash Extension Types
Classic: Natural & Elegant
The most natural look. One extension is applied to each natural lash, with a shape, curl, and length that’s tailored to your preferences.
Classic Eyelash Extension
Volume: Full & Dramatic
In this intricate technique, fans of 2-20 extensions are applied to each natural lash. The result is a full, fluffy look that’s as dramatic as you want to go! Volume lashes are also perfect for people with few natural lashes or spots that could use some extra density.

Volume Lash Extenstion

Hybrid: Classic & Volume Mix
A mix of Classic and Volume techniques, with a moderate fill density that’s uniquely its own.
Which is right for you? Book a consultation and our lash experts will recommend your perfect look

Hybrid Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension Pricing
Mini fills must be within two weeks of receiving a full set or fill. Extended fills must be within three weeks of receiving a full set or fill, or have 40% of eyelash extensions remaining.

Natural & Elegant
Classic & Volume Mix
Full & Dramatic
Full Set Full Set Full Set 
Regular Fill Regular Fill Regular Fill 
Extended Fill Extended Fill Extended Fill $
Mini fills must be within two weeks of receiving a full set or fill. Extended fills must be within three weeks of receiving a full set or fill, or have 40% of eyelash extensions remaining.
Lash Consultation: $XX Info coming soon
In order to best serve you and recommend the right lashes for you, this one-time consultation is required for new clients
“I've been interested in getting my lashes done for a while to save time. I saw Bre and she did an amazing job! She offered me options for shape and length and was very patient and warm. It was really relaxing to lay there as she put them on. I very much recommend it! Thank you, Bre!” 

—Christy O.

Questions About Lash Extensions

How do lash extensions work? 

First, your professional lash tech will work with you to determine which set and curl will be most flattering and fitting to your lifestyle. Then, a faux-lash (or several!) is carefully and individually attached to each natural lash—roughly 80-100 lashes per eye. The process is pain-free and totally relaxing! One of our lash artists fondly tells her clients that free naps come with every service.

What are lash extensions made of?

At the Sweet Spot Seattle, we use a silk or faux-mink synthetic lashes, which give a soft hair-like appearance without harming any animals! They’re attached to your natural lashes with a high-quality, flexible adhesive. We offer a strong hold option with excellent retention, as well as an option for sensitive eyes. Both types of adhesive will allow your lashes to move and bend just like your natural lashes do, without the bond breaking, which can lead to early fallout.

How do I care for my lash extensions?

Proper care of your lash extensions will not only keep them looking as nice as the day they were applied but also prolong the length of time they stay adhered to your natural lash. Here’s what our lash extension experts recommend:

  • DO cleanse your lashes daily—over the sink, not in the shower.
  • DO gently cleanse with an oil-free cleanser or oil-free makeup remover.
  • DO brush your lashes every morning and every time they get wet. We’ll give you a wand to use!
  • DON’T get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours.
  • DON’T use oil-based products on your lashes. It will break down the adhesive. 
  • DON’T aggressively rub your lashes.
  • DON’T use mascara on volume lashes—even oil-free varieties will ruin them. Mascara can be used on Classic lashes, but the vast majority of our clients find it unnecessary.
  • DON’T sleep on your face.
  • DON’T get cotton or fibrous materials near your lashes. 

I already have lash extensions. Can I come in for just a fill?

Because of our completely customized process, we’re unable to do a fill on a set of lashes not originally performed in our studio. Our products have been carefully selected for the best results, and if we can’t tell what products were used on your lashes, we can’t guarantee the results you’re looking for. But we can remove old lashes and create a new set, perfectly tailored to the look you’re after. Book a consultation with one of our lash experts today!

I'm a guy but I'm interested. Can I get lash extensions?

Absolutely! At The Sweet Spot Seattle, all services are for all genders, including eyelash extensions.

I got my lashes done somewhere else and I'm not sure how I feel about them or I'd like to try a different lash option. Do you offer removals?

We sure do! We want you to feel completely satisfied with your lashes, and we’re here to help. Everything we do at The Sweet Spot Seattle is customized to you, so the first step in the process is making an appointment for a consultation. Just book an appointment or give us a call at (206) 632-3602!

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