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Our Full-Service Sugaring Studio is Pleased to Offer Facials!

In addition to our popular hair removal services, the Sweet Spot is pleased to offer facials for both men and women. Our HydraFacial is taking Seattle by storm and we can't wait to share this experience with you! We know that you have come to depend on us for your hair removal needs, but that is just the start of the many services that we offer! Facials are a great way to keep the skin looking young and vibrant and maintaining elasticity.

Whether you are looking for an anti-aging boost or suffer from a skin ailment such as acne, we can help! In addition to the HydraFacial line, we use the most effective and natural products possible, and local small businesses produce many of the products we offer.

woman with smooth skin after a facial in Seattle

The Importance of Regular Facials

Your face is exposed to the elements more often than any other part of your body and deserves a lot of care. Many consider facials an indulgence rather a regular part of their beauty regimen. As we age, our oil glands shrink, resulting in dryness. The collagen and elastin fibers break and lose elasticity, which leaves our skin wrinkled.

We believe that when you look good you feel great and that is the driving principle behind all of our services. Whether you are looking for an alternative to wax hair removal methods or want to learn more about signature sugaring methods, the Sweet Spot is your go-to spot! Pampering is not a bad word and many services that we have previously considered an extra-special event become a necessary part of our routines as we age. The loss of collagen that occurs can create skin that is dull and lifeless. We believe that fine lines and wrinkles are a part of natural aging but with proper care, such as the HydraFacial, we can help your face look as great as you feel!

Along with our skin’s natural changes with aging our lifestyles also contribute to skin issues, as does living in a bustling city such as ours. The estheticians at the Sweet Spot can help both men and women maintain healthy and vibrant skin for many years to come.

What is a HydraFacial?

A great alternative to invasive skin procedures and microdermabrasion,
HydraFacial *gently resurfaces dead skin cells and topically infuses skin
with hydration and antioxidants*. Walk out the door with instant results
and a path to better skin!

Express HydraFacial25 min*Face Only*- Cleanse, exfoliate, *NO PEEL*,
T-zone extractions, hydration, protection
Gentle Resurfacing HydraFacial35 min*Face Only*- Cleanse, exfoliate,
*7.5%* GlySal peel, T-zone extractions, hydration, protection
Anti-aging HydraFacial 45 min*Face Only*- Cleanse, exfoliate, 7.5%
or15% GlySal peel, T-zone extractions, 30 min Red LED w/ Celluma,
hydration, protection
Deep Cleansing HydraFacial55 min*Face Only*- Cleanse, exfoliate,
7.5% or 15% GlySal peel, T-Zone extractions with the HF and manual as
needed, 30 min Blue LED w/ Celluma, hydration, protection
The Ultimate HydraFacial55min*Face Only*- Cleanse, Lymphatic
Drainage, exfoliate, 7.5% or 15% GlySal peel, T-zone extractions, 30 min
Blue or Red LED w/ Celluma, hydration, protection
Face Neck Décolleté HydraFacial65 minCleanse, exfoliate, 7.5% or 15%
GlySal peel, T-zone extractions, hydration and protection

*All services include a manual cleanse prior to HydraFacial.

Make the Sweet Spot Your Seattle Beauty Spot!

Owner Lara Olsha and the entire staff at The Sweet Spot Sugaring Studio are proud to serve the beauty needs of the greater Seattle area! If you want to experience a Sweet Spot facial please give us a call today at (206) 632-3602 to schedule an appointment with one of our fully trained estheticians.

Our sweet studio is conveniently located at 3507 Evanston Avenue North in Seattle.


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