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The Sweet Spot Sugarists

Sugaring may sound sweet, but it’s a serious profession at The Sweet Spot. We hire only licensed estheticians who have graduated from a reputable beauty school AND gone the extra mile to receive additional certification in sugaring.

Upon hire, the real fun begins!

Every sugarist braves months of rigorous, on-site training with Lara, The Sweet Spot’s founder and owner, to ensure mastery of both mechanics and technique. Lara also conducts performance reviews on a rotating monthly basis to make sure this high level of performance is maintained.

What does this mean for you? Guaranteed professional service every time you visit, no matter who you see.

Our sugarists are also a diverse bunch, which means you’re sure to find a personality that fits, too.
On their days off, you might find them at the hottest new restaurant, rocking out at a local show, shredding at a skate park, racing cars, hosting a Seahawks game-day party, tackling a home renovation project, or playing with their kids (two- and four-legged) at the park.

The Sweet Spot Front Desk Ninjas

The Sweet Spot Front Desk Ninjas

We would be and accomplish nothing without our stellar front desk crew. It’s no easy task keeping this sweet ship running smoothly, but they do so with uncanny ease and style.

They’ve been known to pull appointments from thin air, offer just-right advice on your perfect shade of foundation, crack bad jokes to ease your nerves, and maybe (just maybe) offer up a treat from their secret stash of chocolate to make you feel at home.
If that’s not enough, they’re foodies, world travelers, kitty cuddlers, photographers, competitive swimmers, whitewater rafters, hikers, and dancers, too.

Seriously, they’re like ninjas. The nicest ninjas we’ve ever known.

Business Hours

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