Lara Olsha at The Sweet Spot in SeattleThe Beginning of The Sweet Spot

Lara Olsha, owner and founder, did not set out to be a sugarist, or even a business owner, for that matter. But when her mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2002, everything changed.

Looking for a way to do something positive for women with cancer, Lara discovered the American Cancer Society’s Look Good Feel Better program. Through free beauty sessions, this amazing program helps women with cancer build self-esteem and an empowering community of support. The only catch was, Lara had to become a licensed esthetician in order to volunteer. Quite a leap from her career as a respiratory therapist! But it was there, in beauty school, that Lara discovered sugaring.

Coming from a medical background, she was initially impressed by the lack of cross-contamination inherent in sugaring. But the more she practiced and learned, the greater her interest grew. She loved having a healthy, effective way to help women (and men) feel great in their bodies. Before long, Lara’s passion for sugaring grew into a budding business, and soon after that into a full-time career. She founded The Sweet Spot and Seattle’s first sugaring studio was born!

In a way, The Sweet Spot is an homage to Lara’s mother—a beautiful gift from a sad circumstance. Perhaps this is why we’ve worked so hard and been graced with such success since opening our doors in 2003. Thank you for helping us get here, Seattle. We wouldn’t exist without you!


Sugaring may sound sweet, but it’s a serious profession at The Sweet Spot. We hire only licensed estheticians who have graduated from a reputable beauty school and gone the extra mile to receive certification in sugaring. In addition to a degree in beauty school and a certification in sugaring, every esthetician undergoes an exclusive Sweet Spot training to ensure our estheticians provide the same, guaranteed professional, high-quality service no matter who you see for your service. Each esthetician is individually trained by our master estheticians, one of them being the founder of the Sweet Spot, Lara. Our sugarists are also a diverse bunch, which means you’re sure to find a personality that fits, too. 

The Sweet Spot Front Desk Ninjas

We would be and accomplish nothing without our stellar front desk crew. It’s no easy task keeping this sweet ship running smoothly, but they do so with uncanny ease and style. They’ve been known to pull appointments from thin air, offer guidance and advice for all of your service and retail needs, a safety net for our sugarists, provide year-round spray tans, crack bad jokes to ease your nerves, and offer you a beverage or a sweet treat to make you feel at home. 

Business Hours

Sweeten your morning, afternoon, or evening with us!




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