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Winner of Seattle 2013 Best of the Best. The most brilliant beauty services from coast to coast. Read More

Recipes for Perfect Beauty Naturally
You can throw away every jar, tube, and bottle in your bathroom because everything you need is actually in your kitchen. These beauty secrets debunk myths marketers would have you believe so they can sell you their products. The truth is, getting beautiful is easy, affordable, and delicious! Read More

Seattle Spas and Salons Partner with Planned Parenthood for Sexy Salon Days, starting June 25-July 1, 2011
Local spas and salons have partnered with Planned Parenthood Young Professionals for Sexy Salon Days, a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest... Read More

The Antipodes Collective: The Sweetest Spot to Donate Books
Our Fremont neighborhood book drive drop-off point is The Sweet Spot Sugaring Studio. Lara Olsha, The Sweet Spot's owner has been a big supporter of The Antipodes Collective from the beginning and hopes to visit our library in Cambodia in 2015... Read More

The Sweet Spot Hosts Winter Coat Drive
The Sweet Spot Sugaring Studio is especially sweet this fall, partnering with the International Rescue Committee to run a winter coat donation drive to assist individuals in need. Lara Olsha, founder of The Sweet Spot, shares her thoughts on involving her business in the community. Read More

Sugar Mama: Why Sugaring is So Sweet
Lara Olsha is the first woman to bring sugaring to Seattle and owner of the Sweet Spot Sugaring Studio in Fremont. I never knew the advantages of sugaring until my interview with Lara. After spending 2 hours with her, I learned some amazing beauty secrets and discovered some great beauty products. It was like spending the day at the spa with a good girlfriend. Although, when I asked Lara how she would classify her business, she said it is not a spa... Read More

Dear Seattleite ladies: It’s time to pull the cobwebs off your bikini; pretend you haven’t been roasting in tanning beds for the past few months and head outdoors for a healthy dose of Vitamin D. You don’t have time to lose the dimples on your bottom by tomorrow, but you can make sure your ladyparts are as hairless as Justin Beiber’s upper lip. Read More

Best of Seattle Picks, 2008
These are some of our favorite local businesses for 2008… they have great products, excellent customer service and make our days happier. Please visit the Seattle Picks archives for more information on them! And while you’re at it, check out the many hundreds of outstanding local businesses we’ve written about this year.Trust us… it was incredibly difficult to consider all of Seattle’s amazing retailers and service providers and select “the best.” Read More

Crave Seattle
The Urban Girls ManifestoThe ultimate guide to the places women CRAVE in Seattle, including more than 100 women you need to know. Third EditionHip. Funky. Unpretentious.Sugaring is the sweetest, smartest way to be hair-free, and The Sweet Spot is Seattle’s top spot to indulge. Sugaring is all-natural, more effective, and less painful than waxing, making it the healthiest sugar addiction around. Enjoy a cup of tea, peruse fun beauty products, or simply sit and unwind in this un-fussy, eclectic space. Just once and you’ll be hooked. Read More

Top 10 Things to Do This Summer
By Citysearch EditorsWe all know summer doesn't truly start in Seattle until July. With July right around the corner, here are our 10 top ideas for enjoying the sun in the Emerald City.Top 10 List Read More

Editor’s PicksSeattle Bride While the rest of you wax and shave your bodies down to the basal layer of epidermis, some of us more sensitive-skinned gals break into a clod sweat remembering the nasty rash, scalded skin and ingrown hairs incurred after frightening encounters with sadistic aestheticians and their bubbling cauldrons of hot wax. That’s why we totally freaked when we discovered The Sweet Spot, a skin-care salon in Fremont that uses warm sugar in lieu of hot wax for silky smooth, low pain- and... Read More

The Sweeter Side of…Hair Removal
By Miss Cherry PieWeddingbeeI know, I know, I sound like a sugaring evangelist. There’s a sugaring place called the Sweet Spot in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood and, let me tell you, I am hooked. But I promise they’re not offering me any sweet (har, har) kickbacks for this post.They do, however, make the best body scrub out there. Hands down…and I have tried many. This lovely concoction is made with chunky sugar and fruit oils to exfoliate and soften skin like nothing else. It smells great, too! Read More

Beauty Trends: Take It All Off
By Liz GallagherSeattle, The Premier Seattle MonthlyThis spot is not only sweet, it’s sassy. The two treatment rooms feature deep red walls, soothing but hip music and an eclectic style. It’s low key with a funky edge. Owner Lara Olsha opened The Sweet Spot five years ago, making it the first sugaring studio in the Northwest. She’s also a sugaring educator, so when you go to her for a Brazilian, you’re in the hands of a confident teacher. (And if it’s your first Brazilian ever, you’ll get a lollipop as a reward!). She’ll teach you all you need to know about aftercare—avoid... Read More

Hairless wonders: Who knew getting smooth could be so sweet? Taking notes while Lara Olsha gives me my first ever Brazilian via the sugaring process provides distraction from the pain.Big breath in, blow out really hard... Read More
Crave 2nd Edition
Sugar never tasted so sweet! Just a spoonful of sugaring—an ancient form of hair removal—and you’ll be hooked. This sanitary alternative to waxing uses pure, natural ingredients and is notably less painful. Consider scotch tape vs. duct tape. Lara’s sleek, cozy studio welcomes the busy girl with funky works from local artists, fun body products, and fantastic teas. Read More

The Sweet Spot Sugaring Studio
by Sally FarhatBest Places Northwest 16th editionIf you’re not ready for permanent hair removal, The Sweet Spot Sugaring Studio (473 N 36th St; 206/632-3602; might be your thing. Instead of wax, owner Lara Olsha uses an ancient blend of sugar and lemon—still used in the Middle East—to whisk those hairs away. She specializes in Brazilian bikinis—for both men and women.This is article was re-printed with permission from Sasquatch books. Read More

Hey Sugar
SEATTLE PICKS™life + style to you: every FridayWe had a friend that thought it would be a good idea to have his back waxed. He had no idea what waxing was or what it felt like. He was actually anticipating a relaxing spa experience, like a massage. So he went in, they poured nice hot wax on his back, ahhhhh, and then like duct tape, they proceeded to yank his hair out, again, and again, as he yelped in pain... Read More

I Want Candy
SEATTLE PICKS™life + style to you: every FridayWith Halloween just around the corner and those little bags of miniature candy bars on sale everywhere, we just can’t stop thinking about sugar—even when it comes to our beauty regimen. We love warm sugar scrubs in the shower, sweet pink nail polishes with names like “Sugar Plum Fairy”; and when it comes to hair removal, sugaring at The Sweet Spot Sugaring Studio in Fremont is a pretty sweet option... Read More

The Sweet Spot is a People's Picks Finalist
by Kathy SchultzNWsource shopping columnistSweet Spot owner and sugarer Lara Olsha has been in the sweet and sticky business for two years. She uses a gummy, all natural combination of sugar, lemon and guar gum to remove hair in a process similar to waxing. Unlike waxing, the sugar paste is discarded after treatments (there's no double dipping with the wooden stick), the paste is lukewarm so it can't burn, and it takes off only hair and dead skin cells... Read More

GET Sugared
What: Fremont’s adorable Sweet Spot offers 15 percent off the ancient method of hair removal all month.Why: It’s a sweet deal.When: Thru Oct. 31.Where: 473 N. 36th St., ste. d (206-632-3602 206-632-3602). Read More

Hairy today, gone tomorrow: Getting waxed and sugared
by Kathy SchultzNWsource shopping columnistThe vibe: Casual, artsy atmosphere tucked away in Fremont behind the Impulse boutique and art collective studios. (While you're there, pick up one of the T's, camis, or boy-short panties with the completely adorable but sassy logo printed on it.)Sweet Spot owner and sugarer Lara Olsha has been in the sweet and sticky business for two years. She's moving on from her career as a respiratory therapist, so smitten...Read More

The Sweet Spot - Sugaring Studio at
Ok, if you are still waxing-stop now and go here. I waxed before and was not terribly happy. Ingrown hairs, redness, soreness and stray hairs. I went here and could not be happier. Not a trace left behind. It didn't really hurt like waxing and I wasn't bleeding everywhere either. They say that I shouldn't have ingrown hairs- we'll see about that, but as for now, I feel like a porn star. Read More

Reviews For The Sweet Spot at
5 star ratingsby the people of SeattleThis was my first experience with brazilian, so I was very nervous and apprehensive about the procedure. Lara is very good at putting a customer at ease. She is very knowledgable about not only hair removal, but physiology, biology and a plethora of other subjects. She keeps the conversation at a non-stop pace so that you almost forget that you're having your pubic hairs ripped out by the roots. My main concern going in was pain, and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Lara informed me that a traditional waxing is much more painful... Read More

Reviews For The Sweet Spot at
Recommendationsby the people of SeattleFollowing the recommendation in a similar thread a while ago, I've been going to the Sweet Spot in Fremont. Instead of wax, they use sugar in a sticky paste. It's supposedly less painful than waxing. I've never tried waxing so I can't compare, but I can say that the sugaring process is not bad at all. Read More

Reviews For The Sweet Spot at judy's
Rave Reviewsby the people of Seattlethought i'd tried it all - waxing (ow plus ingrown owies later on), laser removal (holy mother of god OW ow make it stop ow), even the at-home stuff (ow plus sticky and messy and not really that effective). but my friend introduced me to and recommended 'sugaring' for hair removal, so i gave it a shot at The Sweet Spot in Fremont.i'm beyond impressed. first of all, it barely hurt and it was a quick process. second, the red bumps lasted for about 1/2 hour then they were gone. third, my skin is smooooooothe... Read More

Sugar me up!
get a brazilian bikini wax43things.comThis is so worth doing I wish I would have done it long ago. Once I made the decision on the plunge, I did some more research and found an alternative to waxing, sugaring. In my mind its a much cleaner way to go as the technician doesnt “double dip” into the mix as they may with wax. Its a ball-size portion of the sugaring mixture that is used through out the process. If more is needed, the get a new portion. The salon I chose is The Sweet Spot in Seattle... Read More

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