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Brazilian (Men and Women) 75.00
Maintenance Brazilian (M and W) *within 4 weeks of initial service 65.00
Bikini 40.00
Extended Bikini 55.00
Back 80.00
Low Back 45.00
Back Maintenance 68.00
Back Shoulder combo 110.00
Back Shoulder Maintenance *within 6 weeks of initial service 93.00
Legs Women's (Full) 86.00
Legs Men's (Full) 102.00
Half Legs 55.00
Arms Women (Full) 60.00
Arms Women (Half) 45.00
Arms Men (Full) 85.00
Arms Men (Half) 55.00
Nipples 15.00
Chest 85.00
Chest/abs 55.00
Abs 15.00
Neck 58.00
Shoulders 88.00
Butt 42.00
Between the cheeks 30.00
Feet 30.00
Hands 35.00
Underarms 20.00
Ears 18.00
Face 65.00
Face & Brow 85.00
Nose 14.00
Brows 28.00
Jawline 25.00
Lip 17.00
Chin 18.00
Lip & Chin 32.00
Cheeks 28.00
Sideburns 15.00
Hairline 25.00

Trimming, Tinting‎ & Lashes

Trimming Lg 20.00
Trimming Sm 10.00
Lash Tinting 25.00
Brow Tinting 25.00
Lash + Brow Tinting 40.00
Lash Lift 90.00
Lash Lift + Lash Tint 105.00
Lash Lift + Lash & Brow Tint 115.00
Lash Extensions (Full Set) 150.00
Lash Extensions (Mini Set) 125.00
Lash Fill (within 2 weeks) 75.00
Lash Fill (15-21 days) 110.00
Lash Extension Removal 30.00

Skin Classic & CryoSkin - treats skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia, cherry angiomas, telangiectasias, fibromas, hyper-pigmentation and milia (call for more information)

Men's Grooming‎

Men's Sugaring
We‎ can sugar any area of the body with the exception of the scalp and beard. Please refer to our sugaring tab for services and prices.

Spray Tanning‎: – Airbrushed for a Healthy Glow

Spray Tan- Leave On 6- 10 Hours Before Showering 55.00


A great alternative to invasive skin procedures and microdermabrasion, HydraFacial gently resurfaces dead skin cells and topically infuses skin with hydration and antioxidants. Walk out the door with instant results and a path to better skin!

Express HydraFacial (25 min) : Face Only- Cleanse, exfoliate, t-zoneextractions, hydration, protection

Gentle Resurfacing HydraFacial (35 min) : Face Only- Cleanse, exfoliate,7.5% GlySal peel, t-zone extractions, hydration, protection

Anti-aging HydraFacial (55 min) : Face Only- Cleanse, exfoliate, 7.5% or15% GlySal peel, t-zone extractions, Red LED, hydration, protection

Acne HydraFacial (55 min) : Face Only- Cleanse, exfoliate, 7.5% or 15%GlySal peel, extractions, Blue LED, hydration, protection

The Ultimate HydraFacial ( 55 min) : Face Only- Cleanse, Lymphatic Drainage,exfoliate, 7.5% or 15% GlySal peel, extractions, Blue or Red LED,hydration, protection


Face Only

Cleanse, exfoliate, peel, extractions, hydration and protection for the face.

Add Ons:

LED Light Therapy

There are two types of LED Light Therapy. Red Light Therapy is anti- inflammatory, which reduces redness and helps to build collagen. Blue Light Therapy helps lessen breakouts by targeting the bacteria that causes acne.

Celluma LED Treatment (30 min) : Choose between Red, Blue orNear Infrared

Lymphatic Drainage

A type of gentle massage that helps detoxify tissue and decreases fluid in the face.

Brow Design

20 Minute Service
We’ll teach you how to fill in your brows using the right tools and colors to make your eyes stand out. Add on a brow sugaring for the perfect look.
Our "No-Show is a No-No" Policy

  • Give us at least 24-hours notice for cancellations and changes.
  • Show up on time, or better yet, several minutes early to relax and get in the sugar zone.

If you don’t play by these rules, things get tricky. Your appointment time is reserved for you and only you. When you don’t show up, you miss out, another client who wanted that spot misses out, and your sugarist misses out.

It’s what we call a lose-lose-lose. So here’s what happens:

  • If you give us less than 24-hours notice, we’ll charge your card for half the service fee.
  • If you totally flake and don’t show up at all, we charge you for the whole darn appointment (which, by the way, is no fun for any of us).

Of course we understand that things, such as highly contagious viruses, do come up. All we ask is that you give us a ring as soon as they do.

Pricing Policy

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Ask About our Prepaid Series Discounts!

Business Hours

We are open most mornings and evenings for you!




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