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The Sweet Spot offers a curated selection of products focused on aftercare and prevention using only the best and effective ingredients. Not only do we offer products that support local brands, we make our own! 

Sweet Spot

Providing the best aftercare is our second top priority right after providing the best service. Supporting local brands is important to us so one day we decided to join in and create our own line of products! From cute t-shirts and tote bags to lotions and sugar scrubs, we take a lot of pride being able to provide the same products used in services for clients to be able to take home and continue caring for their skin.

Not able to make it into our studio to pick up some Sweet Spot swag? Not a problem! Give our studio a call at 206-632-3602 to place an order and we'll get it shipped to you.

Briotech has proven power in purity. Formulated without alcohol, fragrance, and parabens. The Sweet Spot is proud to be the first retailers of Briotech and have been faithful to it since day one!  

Locally formulated and packaged in Woodinville, WA and tested at University of Washington, Briotech is a topical spray scientifically engineered to mimic the organic and naturally occurring HOCl  (hypochlorous acid) in our bodies that is essential to the internal defense system. Naturally made in human white blood cells, HOCl is a naturally occurring component of the defense system that works to fight infection, reduce inflammation, and enhance the healing process. It is safe to use head to toe, including mucosal contact. Yes, it is okay to use on animals, too!

No wonder Briotech has always been and still is our go-to for our professional services and recommended aftercare! The Sweet Spot fully supports Briotech and their science behind such a versatile product and fully believes Briotech to be the best foundation to good skin health and regimen.

A potent germ killer! 
Used in-service and Recommended Aftercare
All Natural, Organic, & Vegan
Simple Ingredients
Made in Washington
& the Only Proven Pure HOCI on the Market

Skleer100% Vegan, 100% All-Natural, 100% for All Skin Types
Two easy to use formulas: topical gel & bar soap
Highly recommended for post-sugaring aftercare
Dryness & sensitivity
Burns, abrasions, & cuts
Sunspots, age spots, and dark spots
Itching, insect bites, & rashes
& more!

Using the earth's natural ingredients in an easy to use, fast absorbing gel, SKLEER is unlike anything in the market for continuous and preventative skincare.

40 years in the making, SKLEER has been tested and formulated by a team of doctors, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical manufacturing all around the world and are continuing their mission to make SKLEER a part of your every day life. It is hands-down our go-to for everything our skin needs to maintain integrity and health. 

With the success of the restoration gel came the all-natural magic soap for the face, body, and scalp. Featuring eucalyptus, tea tree, and caraway oil with cinnamon and turmeric, it is amazing for every day use and highly recommended for sensitive skin. 

SKLEER is certainly our favorite child when it comes to maintaining a good skincare routine and we hope you do too.

Treating beauty from the outside is a given, but we also focus on what you put in your body. We are proud to carry healthy alternatives and local food brands that are not only good but good for you! We might be borderline addicted to Seattle Gummy Company. Okay, we're addicted. They offer many yummy gummys to better your body. Some of their products we offer are beauty vitamins, multi-vitamins and, our favorite, Mocca Shots.  Female-founded and owned with background credentials that will blow your mind, Seattle Gummy Company is a brand we trust and support. It's not just health and beauty, it's science.

Seattle Gummy Company

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