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If you’re like some people, a deep, even rich color that comes with tanning is an objective, but due to the dangers associated with outdoor tanning and tanning beds, you may be looking for a safer alternative. A spray tan is a solution for a safer, better method of “tanning” as it provides an even tone on the entire body, without spending time in a tanning bed or baking in the sun all day. 

Spray Tan Basics

Spray tanning is accomplished through the application of a product that mixes with the body’s chemistry to create a nice, even color. The mist applied to your skin has an ingredient in it known as dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and when DHA interacts with the top layer of dead skin cells, it turns the top layer of skin tan or bronze. The color intensity is determined by your individual body chemistry and the color of the product chosen. It is generally a good idea to start out with a lighter color and the progress to darker colors of the spray tan. Some products may also have a bronzer in them, while others do not, so it’s best to ask our technician for a recommendation of a starting color.

Spray Tan Methods

There are various ways to get a spray tan, but the best way to ensure you get an even all-over tan is to visit us for a hand applied spray tan.  The hand applied or airbrush tan consists of an airbrush tool to apply the tanning solution to your body. Another method of spray tanning requires entering a booth that has nozzles positioned at various angles. The nozzles spray the solution on to your body. We do not offer the booth type of spray tanning.

Benefits of a Spray Tan

One of the best benefits of spray tanning is that there is no risk of damage to your body from the UV rays of the sun. Spray tanning is also the easiest and quickest way to get the color you want, without spending weeks in the sun, which makes it the ideal way to tan special events or occasions. Spray tanning is almost instantaneous and fully develops in only a few hours. Spray tanning provides better control over the results by producing an even skin color over your entire body that will usually last between 3-10 days.

Before visiting our salon in Seattle for a spray tan, it is important to prepare your skin beforehand by exfoliating and cleaning it. Our tanning salon technician will provide you with information about how long you should wait to apply moisturizers and/or sunscreen to your skin after the spray tan procedure.

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