Spray Tanning



The better, healthier alternative to getting a sun-kissed glow. Our tanning solution contains an innovative 1 Hour Express Tan formula with quad bronzing technology to speed up the tanning process and allow you to control the color of your tan by deciding when to rinse off the solution.

Full Legs Face, Arms & Decollete Full Body
$30+ $30+

A spray tan is a solution for a safer, better method of tanning as it provides an even tone on the entire body, without spending time in a tanning bed or dangerous prolonged exposure to the sun. It is the easiest and quickest way to get the color you want, which makes it the ideal way to tan special events or occasions. Achieving a sun kissed color is almost instantaneous and fully develops in only a few hours. Results typically last about 3-10 days, depending on aftercare. Spray tanning is accomplished through the application of a product that mixes with the body’s chemistry to create a nice, even color. 

Does the tanning solution contain DHA?
Yes. The active ingredient is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Basically, it is a simple sugar that interacts with the amino acid groups in your skin and turn a brown tone. Non-toxic and FDA approved, it is the most popular way of achieving a natural looking tan. DHA interacts with the top layer of skin cells turning the skin tan or bronze. 

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