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All areas of the body can be sugared, if you grow the hair, we can remove it. With just a couple of exceptions, men’s beards and the scalp should not be sugared. Sugaring is an all-natural form of temporary removal of body hair and is suitable for both men and women. If you haven’t experienced the sugaring method of hair removal, this mini-guide will provide you with the information to know before you schedule an appointment with The Sweet Spot, your choice studio for sugaring in Seattle.

Difference Between Methods

There are two methods that are commonly used in sugar hair removal, strip sugar hair removal and the hand paste method. 

    • Strip sugar hair removal is a process that involves the use of cotton strips after a thin layer of sugar is applied to the area being treated. It is very similar to the waxing method of hair removal, in that it removes the hair strip by strip. The Sweet Spot does not use this method.
    • The hand paste method is the traditional method and has a thicker consistency of the sugar product. It is applied by hand to the area of the body to be treated and after smoothing the sugar over the skin, hair is gently removed by using a flicking motion. Extraction in the direction of growth results in a near-perfect root removal, but if there is hair left, our technician can go over the area again since there is no risk of burning; unlike wax, sugar is not hot.

Is It Actually Sugar?

Yes! The ingredients in the hair removal mixture include water, sugar and lemon juice, so it’s all-natural. Sugar is applied at body temperature, with no risk of it burning your skin. It only removes hair and dead skin cells (live skin cells are not affected) and with little to no discomfort to your skin. The sugar is strong enough to grasp unwanted hair, removing it directly from the follicle with little to no breakage, reducing the likelihood of ingrown hairs.

In order to get the optimum results from sugaring, the skin should not be exfoliated the day before or the day of your sugaring appointment. It’s also best to keep your skin hydrated between treatments by using a water based moisturizer. Do not use any product that contains mineral oil; sometimes the sugar product doesn’t react well with the oil, which breaks down the sugar, making the treatment less effective. After sugaring, it’s also usually recommended that you wait at least one day before exercising, soaking in hot tubs and exposing skin to the sun to avoid burning the treated area.

Contact The Sweet Spot today to schedule your sugaring appointment by calling (206) 632-3602.

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