Before your appointment

Sugaring Hair Removal
Be sure your hair is long enough! We know resisting temptation to shave can be tough but what is tougher is trying to pull hair that is too short. Our rule of thumb: the hair should be about 1/8" (about three weeks of growth) and you should be able to grab onto a single hair with your forefinger and thumb and tug. If you can't pull on the hair then we probably can't, too. If your hair is too short, simply give us a call at 206-632-3602 at least 24-hours before your appointment and we'll get your appointment moved.  Keep your skin hydrated!

Drink lots of water and moisturize regularly up until the day before your appointment. Healthy and hydrated skin will allow the entire hair follicle to be easily removed. Just like a weed in a garden, the root will snap and break if the area is dry. Dry skin is a main culprit of ingrown hairs after removal so keep drinking water and moisturizing the day after your appointment. Staying hydrated is a good life rule for every day even if you don't plan on being sugared. 

Do not exfoliate the area you plan on getting sugared the day before and the day of your appointment. Sugaring not only removes hair it also exfoliates the skin removing dead surface skin cells. Over-exfoliation may irritate the skin.  Do not wear any product on the day of your appointment on the area you plan on getting sugared, especially ones that contain oil. Products, such as lotion, can act like a barrier or even breakdown the sugar, and prevent the sugar from holding onto the hair. 

Do rigorous activities such as going to the gym; swimming; going to the sauna or hot tub; sun exposure or any activity that involve sweating before your appointment. Hair removal leaves the pores temporarily open and it is important to keep sweat and bacteria from entering. 

Spray Tanning
If you plan on getting sugared or any form of hair removal including shaving do so at least a full day before your appointment. Hair removal after getting a spray tan risks the color to be removed. We do not provide tanning and sugaring appointments on the same day, if it is the same areas of skin being serviced. This prevents open pores from the hair removal from being contaminated with tanning solution.

Exfoliate the day before or day of your appointment. This is an important step to having an even color. Exfoliating off the dead skin cells will allow a smooth canvas for the tanning solution to be applied. If applied to dry, flaky skin, the color may come off in patches. 

Do not wear any products. Lotions and other products will prevent the tanning solution to be applied evenly on the skin, but rather, it will adhere to the product resulting in a patchy result. If you plan on getting your face tanned please do not wear any makeup.

Wear or bring dark, loose clothing. The tanning solution will dry within minutes on the skin but be prepared to prevent any possible transfer staining.

Eyelash Lifts, Extensions, & Tints
Do not wear any makeup on and around the eye area. A clean slate is the best bet for best results!

If you wear contact lenses please bring a pair of glasses or backup lenses or lens case and solution. Some individuals may have sensitive or watery eyes which can temporarily result in blurry vision.

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